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Despite the war and the unfair sanction on Syria the ministry of transport  succeeded in getting the IOSA certificate through Syrianair.

The minister of transport Eng. Ali Hamoud said that the Syrianair gets the IOSA renewal Certificate which is a membership requirement in IATA, after the audit by the relevant international Audit Organization.

After his meeting Mr. Hamoud appreciate the efforts made by the IOSA team and the great steps to get this result which is a honor to all the staff in the ministry of transport especially the employee in Air Transport Section.

Eng. Hamoud declared that this success is far the future which all of us are looking forward to upgrade Syrianair and keep its reputation and logo in the International forums.

During all the war period no Accident or incident was recorded on board its planes, although the one side economic sanction that deprived us from Spare parts, Maintenance Programs or to develop its equipment or even the Pilots & technicians training programs.

On his side Mr. Talal Abd Alkareem the General Manager of Syrianair mentioned that the efforts are intensive to keep this result and to rely on it to keep going by developing work, Pilots, crew, staff etc.… to reach the highest Safety and Quality Standards.

Capt. Saad Abd Almohsen the Safety Manager said that the team is determined to cooperate and coordinate with all directorates, international organizations and airlines to evaluate the job and monitor the safety of activities and improve the qualification to keep the highest Safety standards in Syrianair.

The teamwork also said that they heard from IATA that Syrianair is committed to imply all the international standards to get this certificate and these reviews included different procedures.

It’s worthy to mention that Syrianair is a member of IATA and this organization is responsible of controlling the movement of passengers transports all over the world and it has established and developed the operational safety system to the member companies under the name of IOSA “IATA Operational Safety Audit”


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