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Quality Assurance

Under the supervision of the Quality Assurance section, SyrianAir uses it fleet in full confidence and safety by implementing inspection and maintenance programs that comply with the highest technical standards. The department of Technical Affairs implements local and international Civil Aviation systems and rules within a new organizational structure, which aims to improve safety and security. This structure guarantees the quality of work carried out in the department and the performance of its employees. The employees attend regular training courses approved by the responsible aviation authorities, in order to continuously attain the company’s motto, SyrianAir Means Safety.

High quality assurance and safety records up to the international standards for assessing safety and performance are achieved by taking forward the quality assurance standards and implementing them on all technical services, maintenance and inspection jobs. The Quality Assurance department scrutinizes and examines all stages of productions jobs from maintenance to daily and periodic inspections. These examinations are carried out on SyrianAir’s fleet at hangars belonging to the Technical Affairs department and international stations where the fleet’s planes land.

At the Technical Affairs department, the efforts of the engineers and technicians who are trained according to annual training plans combined with the efforts of all the employees at SyrianAir; provide a high quality technical service for the fleet.

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